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ERB Safety is pleased to introduce Girl Power at Work™

A full line of Safety Apparel for women.
From pink hard hats, to stylish eye protection, all of our Girl Power at Work safety products are design and styled specifically for the working woman.

Developed in 2010, Girl Power at Work™ was created to solve the issue of ill-fitting PPE for women. With quality standards dedicated to the form, fit and function of women’s apparel, Girl Power at Work™ features ANSI rated head, eye, hearing, hand and body protection. The products are manufactured to fit women in appealing colors and designs.  The right style for women’s high visibility clothing in the working world.

ERB Safety provides a wide selection of safety apparel for women including:

  • Pink / Purple Hard Hats
  • Pink / Hi-Viz Lime & Hi-Viz Orange Safety Vests
  • Eye Protection in various women inspired colors and designs
  • Hearing Protection including ear plugs and ear muffs

…and much more!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10 percent of construction workers and 30 percent of manufacturing workers are women.
Not surprisingly, the demand for products specifically designed for women is increasing.

Women seek products designed with form, fit, functions, color and style.

Developed with women in mind.

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